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The Best Heating/Cooling Options for your Sunroom

Your sunroom is your home theater experience to the great outdoors.  Sunrooms are the perfect balance between getting close to nature and being far enough away so you don’t have to check for ticks, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.   Sunrooms[Read More...]

6 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is nearly here, and the changing of the season means that your home will most likely be subject to increased temperatures, interchangeably dry and humid air, various allergens, electrical hazards, and possibly insects and pests. To fight these seasonal[Read More...]

Why Is Your A/C Unit Blowing Warm Air

It has to be one of the worst realizations ever.  You’re waiting to reach that comfortable temperature to cool you down from either exhaustion, summer heat, or being out in the sun.  The fan has been blowing for a while[Read More...]

Spring Checklist for Your HVAC System

You’re not thinking about the summer heat right now and that’s fine.  July is still two months away, random rain has somehow filtered into spring, and walking the dog seems like a jacket or sweater occasion.  This is exactly what[Read More...]

Your HVAC System Could Be Making Your Home Dusty

Does your home seem overwhelmingly dusty these days?  When the Pledge is running dry, and it seems like you are going through swiffer packs like a kleenex box during pollen season, there is more at play than just spring.  When[Read More...]

Why Being Proactive Saves You Money

If you couldn’t care less and don’t think twice about home maintenance issues, you are not alone. Why would you daydream about your air-conditioner when it’s working fine. As long as your lights turn on and off, there’s no sense[Read More...]

Ways to Lower Your AC Costs this Summer While Staying Cool

Somewhere in Los Angeles County or Orange County – Your friends: Power bills are going to be sky-high all summer running that AC. You: Not my power bill. Your friends: Then you’re going to roast in the heat. You: Nope.[Read More...]