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When To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Picture this, Every night you get home from work, make yourself a nice glass of ice-tea, go sit in your backyard in your favorite rocking chair, but something feels like it is missing. There is just one thing that could[Read More...]

Why Older Homes Need to be Rewired

  Do you live in an older home? When you first moved to the city that you live in now were you sold on the idea of a cute rustic home, one that wasn’t a cookie cutter house like all[Read More...]

Every Property Owner Needs to Know this about their Electrical Panel

In the modern home, the electrical panel plays a crucial part of everyday life. However, many homeowners do not know how it functions or even its purpose. This can be a problem, especially when these same homeowners begin to experience[Read More...]

How to Find your Home’s Electrical Panel

Where is my Electrical Panel? The electrical panel is on of the most crucial parts of the modern home electrical system. This panel contains all of the breakers for your home and is the place where power is regulated coming[Read More...]

A Homeowners Guide to Common Electrical Problems

Electricity, it is one of the many wonderful modern technological advances that we all use and depend on to live our lives. But what happens when things don’t work like they should? When your lights wont turn on or for[Read More...]