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Understanding Your Home Breaker Box

At Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air, your local air conditioner repair company that serves Orange County, we’re always here to help in the event of an electrical mishap. But to troubleshoot minor problems that pop up from time to[Read More...]

Is it Time to Rewire My Home?

Sometimes it can short-circuit your brain to know what all the warning signs are as to whether or not it’s time to get new wiring throughout your home. There are also many reasons why your house may need rewiring, but[Read More...]

Your Electrical System’s Life Expectancy

The simplest way to understand your home electrical system is to think of it like an elaborate subway system for electrical current. Your home’s electrical system is constantly commuting power at obviously incredible speeds to many calculated destinations. The trip[Read More...]

What Does an Electrician Look for During a Home Inspection?

There are a number of reasons your home may require an electrical inspection. A hard rainfall or big storm in Southern California can always put a damper on an older electrical system depending on your property’s architectural design. Especially homes[Read More...]

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Residential Electrician?

If you don’t know that much about electrical work or have little experience with electrical systems altogether, you might not know what you’re getting when you hire an electrician. Finding a professional electrician to perform repairs or complete an in-home[Read More...]

Here’s Why Your Outlet Stopped Working

It’s usually not a big issue caused by your power company or a storm, but often when our outlets stop working, we are in a hurry. With that in mind, when your outlet stops working while you are using an[Read More...]

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If you are interested in receiving a free online quote, please fill out the short form below and we will get back to you promptly! Accurate strives to provide consistent quality service at a fair price. We are thankful that[Read More...]